MSc Microelectronics

Specialization courses (at least 25 EC)

A selection of courses intended to extend knowledge on specific subjects can be chosen from the following list of suggested specialisation courses. In essence, all of the MSc EE and MSc CE courses can be chosen as a specialization course, including those from the main core and the track core that were not yet chosen. Select courses that are worth at least 25 EC. Your personal study programme needs the approval of the thesis advisor and the Board of Examiners.

Specialisation profiles specify courses that are strongly recommended by the research groups where you may want to do your thesis work.

BM1107Anatomy and physiology4 EC details
CESE4035Computer arithmetic5 EC details
CESE4095System design with HDLs2 EC details
EE4525Analog CMOS design II3 EC details
EE4530Applied convex optimization5 EC details
EE4555Active implantable biomedical microsystems5 EC details
EE4575Electronics for quantum computation5 EC details
EE4595Wavefield imaging5 EC details
EE4600Wireless Concepts and Systems5 EC details
EE4605Integrated Circuits and Systems for Wireless Applications5 EC details
EE4615Digital IC Design II3 EC details
EE4695Hardware dependability5 EC details
EE4745Superconducting Astronomical Instrumentation5 EC details
ET4127Themes in Biomedical Electronics4 EC details
ET4147Signal processing for communications (not running)4 EC details
ET4171Processor design project5 EC details
ET4252Analog integrated circuit design4 EC details
ET4253Nanoelectronics4 EC details
ET4257Sensors and actuators4 EC details
ET4260Microsystem integration4 EC details
ET4277Microelectronics reliability4 EC details
ET4278Over-sampled data converters4 EC details
ET4369Nyquist-rate data converters4 EC details
ET4371Advanced Wireless Transceivers4 EC details
ET4376Photovoltaic basics4 EC details
ET4377Photovoltaic technologies4 EC details
ET4378Photovoltaic systems4 EC details
ET4382Power conversion techniques in CMOS technology3 EC details
ET4390Imaging sensors5 EC details
ET4391Advanced microelectronics packaging3 EC details
ET4icpIC technology lab2 EC details
ET8011MSCStructured electronic design laboratory3 EC details

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