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TU Delft
Fac. EEMCS (building 36), HB 16 (16th floor of the highrise)
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft

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TU Delft
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Postbox 5031
2600 GA Delft

Chair Wouter Serdijn


Kellen Erb
Room: HB 16.300
T: (+31 15) 27 3590

Contact persons for each theme

Biosignal acquisition, conditioning and processing

Electronic readout for biomedical signals

Contact: W.A. Serdijn

Neuroprosthetics, - stimulation and -modulation

Contact: W.A. Serdijn

Transcutaneous Wireless Communication

Contact: W.A. Serdijn

Wireless Power Transfer, Power Management and Energy Harvesting

Contact: W.A. Serdijn

Analog and Mixed-Mode Integrated Circuits and Systems


Contact: dr. V. Giagka

Bioinspired electronics

Better electronics from understanding the way nature processes signals, but also better electronics by taking advantage of the nun-uniform nature of biosignals.

Contact: W.A. Serdijn

Flexible implants

Addressing the challenge to host an implant in a flexible body while covering relatively large connecting distances

Contact: dr. V. Giagka

Microsystem integration

Contact: dr. V. Giagka


Ger de Graaf's projects in Micro- systems and sensors.

Contact: G. de Graaf



Sensors and Actuators

Theme of Paddy French on sensors and actuators that are not microfabricated

Contact: prof.dr. P.J. French

Brain-Machine Interfaces

Microelectronics and Microsystems for Next-Generation Brain-Machine Interfaces

Contact: dr. D.G. Muratore