ET4391 Advanced microelectronics packaging

Topics: Basics and state-of-the-art of semiconductor device packaging and system integration.

Microelectronic system integration and packaging provide the necessary bridge between devices and various multi-functional electronics systems. Microelectronic system integration and packaging control more than 90% of the size and 60% of the cost of microelectronic devices, as well as the system performance and reliability to a large extent. Microelectronic system integration and packaging are moreover one of the most fascinating and rapidly developing technology and business fields of semiconductors. They unquestionably play a dominant role in the development of future micro/nanoelectronics and systems.

Advanced microelectronics packaging is a multi-diciplinary course dealing with scientifically challenging and economically important technology issues. MSc students from electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, material science and physics are encouraged to attend.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to microelectronics packaging
    • Basics and state-of-the-art of advanced front-end and back-end technologies
    • More than Moore
    • International roadmaps and strategic research agenda
    • Major application trends
  2. Levels of packaging
    • Wafer-level
    • 3D system integration
  3. Simulation and optimization for package design and reliability
  4. Interconnect technology and sensor packaging
  5. Heterogeneous systems packaging and (self-)assembly

In addition, the course offers supervised mini-projects where the students have the opportunity to get first-hand experience in developing packaging applications or review packaging technologies and application domains.


prof.dr. GuoQi Zhang (ECTM)

Heterogenous system integration, 2D materials and devices, wide bandgap semiconductor sensors, digital twin and reliability, multi-scale and multi-physics modeling Willem van Driel (ECTM)

Solid-state lighting reliability Henk van Zeijl (ECTM)

dr. Massimo Mastrangeli (ECTM)

Organ-on-chip technology, micro/nanosystems assembly, capillary manipulation, solid-liquid interfaces

Last modified: 2022-02-09


Credits: 3 EC
Period: 0/0/2/0
Contact: GuoQi Zhang