EE4575 Electronics for quantum computation

Topics: Concepts of quantum computing with focus on practical implementation for a quantum computer
The goal of this course is to introduce the students the overall system of a quantum computer, focusing on the classical hardware and software infrastructure required to build a quantum computer together with the quantum hardware. This course complements the course Quantum Hardware (AP3292) that covers the quantum components in a quantum computer by covering all classical hardware and software components.

Covered topics:

  • Quantum computer architecture; quantum languages; compilers; QISA; microarchitecture.
  • Quantum simulator (QX simulator);
  • Quantum error correction: quantum error correction codes; encoding; logical operations.
  • Mapping of quantum circuits; placement of qubits; scheduling of operations; routing of qubits;
  • Classical hardware for quantum computing: classical controller and quantum processor; qubit hardware and the need for cryogenic electronics;
  • Receiver and transmitter architectures for controlling qubits: frequency up/down-conversion, modulation schemes, frequency generation.
  • Hardware building blocks: amplifiers, analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, digital processing, FPGA
  • Cryo-CMOS: device characteristics, state-of-the-art, design principles.


GarcĂ­a C. Almudevera

dr. Fabio Sebastiano

cryogenic electronics, quanutm computation, analog/mixed-signal circuit design, frequency references, sensors, sensor readout

Last modified: 2019-12-16


Credits: 5 EC
Period: 0/0/0/4