ET8011MSC Structured electronic design laboratory

Topics: Master class in analog electronic design

This lab is a master class in electronic design. Selected students design and build an amplifier. Design reviews are organised every week. In a small group (5-6) results are discussed, special topics addressed and more complicated design problems tackled. This course offers the students the opportunity to refine their skills as an electronic designer. Enrollment is limited and restricted.

Applicants are evaluated before acceptance, and should have sufficient standing (grade 8 or higher) in course ET8016 "Introduction of Structured Electronic Design".

Teachers Chris Verhoeven (ELCA)

Design methodology for Analog Electronics, electronics for nano satellites, electronics for (swarm) robots

Anton Montagne (ELCA)

(gast) docent bij college structured electronic design assist and masterclass structured electronic design

Last modified: 2022-06-19


Credits: 3 EC
Period: x/x/x/x
Contact: Chris Verhoeven