ET4171 Processor design project

Topics: Design of a general purpose processor using computer architecture and arithmetic theory
This is an integration course that is aiming to let the students utilize computer architecture and arithmetic theoretical knowledge in the design of a general purpose processor. In this line of reasoning they have to improve the LEON 3 core performance by focusing on computer architecture and arithmetic relevant parts of it. As a start point for this project students have to utilize the LEON 3 archive available on the Processor Design Project ET4 171 Blackboard page. To evaluate the new core a benchmark suite and a VIRTEX-II Pro FPGA board are given. Study Goals
  1. Design space exploration and select the most appropriate algorithms for the implementation of the basic functional units; 
  2. Integrating computer arithmetic and computer architecture knowledge for processor design; 
  3. Evaluating processor performance based on benchmarks, taking the appropriate architectural decisions in order to improve on various design metrics;
  4. Implementation of arithmetic units and processors using FPGA technology;


S.D. Cotofana

Last modified: 2014-06-12


Credits: 5 EC
Period: 0/0/0/2