people at BE

Professors Wouter Serdijn

Professor, Chairman

Circuits and systems for wearable, implantable and injectable medical devices, in particular electroceuticals

prof.dr. Reza Lotfi

Visiting Professor

Low-Power Integrated Circuit Design for Biomedical Applications, Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design, Design of Nyquist-Rate Data Converters

MSc Eddy van der Velden

Visiting Associate Professor

Independent scientific medical researcher, founder of medical dermatography and keratography, entrepreneur, innovator, designer and art painter

dr. Vasiliki Giagka

Assistant Professor

Design and fabrication of active implantable devices; Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for biomedical applications

Support staff

Marion de Vlieger


ing. Ali Kaichouhi



ir. Cees-Jeroen Bes

PhD student

Neural Readout Systems for Cochlear Implants

MSc Mohammadjavad Dezyani

PhD student

Low voltage and low power CMOS ICs for energy harvesting

ir. Senad Hiseni

PhD student

Low voltage and low power analog integrated circuits for biomedical applications

MSc Yao Liu

PhD student

Low Power Radios, Low Power ADC, Phase Domain ADC

MSc Gustavo Martins

PhD student

Analog and RF integrated circuit design, RF energy transfer and harvesting

MSc Ronaldo Martins da Ponte

PhD student

Analog, RF and mixed-signal IC design

MSc Yasser Rezaeiyan

PhD student

Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit and system design for biomedical applications, low power analog front-ends for biomedical applications, RF power amplifiers

ir. Samprajani Rout

PhD student

MSc Alessandro Urso

PhD student

analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, energy harvesting for autonomous wireless sensor nodes

MSc Milad Zamani

PhD student

Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems design for biomedical applications, bioelectrical impedance measurements, Sub-threshold SRAM

ir. Duan Zhao

PhD student

Wireless Communication, Software Defined Radio, Subsampling Receiver, High Speed ADC, TDC Based ADC, All Digital PLL, Low Power CMOS Design

ir. Farnaz Nassirinia

Guest Christos Strydis


High-performance computational-neuroscience applications, dependable computer architectures, low-power embedded systems and biomedical microelectronic implants

MSc students

Guðrún Erla Ólafsdóttir

MSc student

Abdi Insani Bangsa

MSc student

Jinne Geelen

MSc student

Ernesto Gonzales Huaman

MSc student

Chengyu Huang

MSc student

Minghui Liu

MSc student

Dieuwert Mul

MSc student

Jeroen Röling

MSc student

Sunil Sheelavant

MSc student

Maria Silos Viu

MSc student

Lucia Tacchetti

MSc student



Past members of the group