MASSIVE - Autonomous Vital Sign Monitoring (MASSIVE)

Themes: Biosignal acquisition, conditioning and processing, Wireless Power Transfer, Power Management and Energy Harvesting, Transcutaneous Wireless Communication

In this research program, we work on electroceuticals that wirelessly receive power and wirelessly transmit vital signs like body temperature, ECG, EMG, EEG and ECoG.
In many vital sign (temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate) monitoring applications the sensors have to be small, light-weight, flexible, easy to install and preferably disposable. This precludes the use of bulky, environmentally unfriendly, non-disposable batteries. A promising approach to address these challenges is by employing energy harvesting, ultra low-power signal specific signal conditioning and supra- or transcutaneous wireless communication.

Project data

Researchers: Wouter Serdijn, Yongjia Li, Yao Liu, Gustavo Campos, Andre Mansano
Starting date: January 2013
Closing date: January 2018
Sponsor: CNPq, CAPES, CSC, TUD
Contact: Wouter Serdijn