Kambiz Nanbakhsh


  1. Thin Film Encapsulation for LCP-Based Flexible Bioelectronic Implants: Comparison of Different Coating Materials Using Test Methodologies for Life-Time Estimation
    A. Pak; K. Nanbakhsh; O. Hölck; R. Ritasalo; M. Sousa; M. van Gompel; B. Pahl; J. Wilson; C. Kallmayer; V. Giagka;
    Volume 13, Issue 4, pp. 544, Marchch 2022. DOI: 10.3390/mi13040544

  2. Silicone encapsulation of thin-film SiOx, SiOxNy and SiC for modern electronic medical implants: a comparative long-term ageing study
    C. Lamont; T. Grego; K. Nanbakhsh; A. Shah Idil; V. Giagka; A. Vanhoestenberghe; S. Cogan; N. Donaldson;
    Journal of Neural Engineering,
    March 2021.

  3. Towards a wireless system that can monitor the encapsulation of mm-sized active implants in vivo for bioelectronic medicine
    Gonçalo Rodrigues; Mariana Neca; João Silva; Diogo Brito; Taimur Rabuske; Jorge Fernandes; Rainer Mohrlok; Christoph Jeschke; Jannis Meents; Kambiz Nanbakhsh; Vasiliki Giagka;
    In Proc. 2021 10th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER),
    Online, IEEE, May 2021.
    Keywords: ... Neural Interfaces - Implantable systems, Neural Interfaces - Neural microsystems and Interface engineering.

    Abstract: ... Active neural interfaces for bioelectronic medicine are envisioned to be mm-sized. Such miniaturization is at the moment hampered by the available wireless power techniques as well as the large volume the conventional hermetic packaging adds to the implant. Alternatively, conformal coatings are being explored for the protection of the implant electronics. Such approach has the potential to allow for the use of RF (radio-frequency) energy for powering, and miniaturization to the extreme of having a single IC (integrated circuit) as the whole implant (single chip implants). The longevity of conformal encapsulation can be assessed using accelerated soak tests in a dedicated apparatus in vitro, but these are usually not sufficient, as they fail to reveal additional failure modes that manifest themselves in vivo. Therefore, to investigate the performance of conformal coatings in vivo a compact, mm-sized wireless monitoring system is required. The development of such a system exhibits several challenges, mostly concerned with how, to receive enough energy in such a small implant to power the monitoring sensor and transmit information regarding the integrity of the coating. In this paper proposes a system architecture for such a mm-sized wireless system, suitable for medium-to-long term monitoring of implants, by designing the whole system as a single monolithic IC. It is shown, by experiments, simulation or analytically that the identified challenges are possible to overcome.


  4. A Chip Integrity Monitor for Evaluating Moisture/Ion Ingress in mm-Sized Single-Chip Implants
    Omer Can Akgun; Kambiz Nanbakhsh; Vasiliki Giagka; Wouter Serdijn;
    IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems,
    7 July 2020. DOI: 10.1109/TBCAS.2020.3007484
    Keywords: ... —Chip integrity, flexible implants, encapsulation, interlayer dielectric (ILD), silicon dioxide, resistance, time-mode, monitoring, reliability.


  5. Long-term encapsulation of platinum metallization using a HfO2 ALD - PDMS bilayer for non-hermetic active implants
    K. Nanbakhsh; R. Ritasalo; W.A. Serdijn; V. Giagka;
    In Proc. IEEE Electron. Comp. Tech. Conf. (ECTC) 2020,
    Orlando, FL, USA, IEEE, May 2020.

  6. Towards CMOS Bulk Sensing for In Situ Evaluation of ALD Coatings for Millimeter Sized Implants
    K. Nanbakhsh; R. Ritasalo; W.A. Serdijn; V. Giagka;
    In Proc. 42nd Int. Conf. of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBC) 2020,
    Montreal, Canada, July 2020.

    Kambiz Nanbakhsh; Wouter Serdijn; Vasiliki Giagka;
    In Book of Abstracts, 7th Dutch Biomedical Engineering Conf. (BME) 2019,
    Jan. 24-25 2019.

  8. Polymer-Encapsulated Single-Chip Implants for Bioelectronic Medicine
    K. Nanbakhsh; W. Serdijn; V. Giagka;
    In Book of Abstracts, SAFE 2019,
    Delft, the Netherlands, July 4-5 2019.

  9. Effect of Signals on the Encapsulation Performance of Parylene Coated Platinum Tracks for Active Medical Implants
    Kambiz Nanbakhsh; Marta Kluba; B. Pahl; F. Bourgeois; Ronald Dekker; Wouter Serdijn; V. Giagka;
    In Proc. 41st Int. Conf. of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBC) 2019,
    Berlin, Germany, IEEE, July 23-27 2019.

  10. A Chip Integrity Monitor for Evaluating Long-term Encapsulation Performance Within Active Flexible Implants
    Omer Can Akgun; Kambiz Nanbakhsh; Vasiliki Giagka; Wouter A. Serdijn;
    In Proc. IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS 2019),
    IEEE, October 17-19 2019.

  11. Circuit and systems for polymeric implants: designing towards increased device lifetimes
    K. Nanbakhsh; V. Giagka; W.A. Serdijn;
    In Proc. ProRISC,
    Enschede, the Netherlands, June 7-8 2018.

  12. A wireless sensor for monitoring encapsulation performance in non-hermetic implants
    K. Nanbakhsh; V. Giagka; W. A. Serdijn;
    In Proc. Design of Medical Devices Conf. (DMD) 2017 Microfabrication for Medical Devices,
    Eindhoven, 14 – 15 Nov. 2017.

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