ET4390 Imaging sensors

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Topics: Architectures and techniques for system-on-chip imaging devices

Electronic imaging is a dynamic and continuously evolving, multi-disciplinary field of research. Solid-state imaging is going through a renaissance propelled by new applications, especially in the life sciences and in medical and environmental monitoring.

This course describes architectures and techniques necessary to use, understand, and implement state-of-the-art integrated system-on-chip (SOC) imagers. We review the device physics of photodiodes and photogates, and we discuss in detail CMOS active pixels and CCDs. New developments in the field of high dynamic range, high sensitivity, low noise, and time-resolved single-photon imaging will be studied and compared. The course will conclude with an overview of state-of-the-art applications requiring the image sensor technology discussed throughout the course.

Study Goals

  • Focus on imaging, taking advantage of the expertise present at TU Delft
  • Conventional image sensors and their architectures, as well as emerging image sensors.


prof.dr. Albert Theuwissen (EI)

Imaging sensors

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Credits: 5 EC
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Contact: Albert Theuwissen