EE3380TU Transduction effects

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Topics: This course focuses on the interaction between different signal domains. These include effects such as thermo-electric effects, batteries and many more. For each domain, the physics behind the interaction will be discussed. The course will also include a practical to illustrate these interactions.

The word transduction comes from the Latin “Transducere”, which means leading across. In this case we are looking at the interaction between the six signal domain: Radiation Thermal Mechanical Magnetic (Bio)Chemical Electrical Many of these effects can be used to our benefit, such as the Seebeck effect which can be used to generate electricity or sense thermal differences. In other cases, radiation can detrimentally affect the operation of electronic circuits. This course will explain all these effects and show how they can be put to use, or compensated for.


prof.dr. Paddy French

Biomedical devices, sensor technology

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Credits: 4 EC
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Contact: Paddy French