EE4C05 Electromagnetics

Topics: Basic introduction to the fundamental concepts of the Electromagnetics (EM)


The course provides a general and basic introduction to the fundaments of the E.M. field theory that forms the basis of Electrical Engineering.

Course Contents

Part 1 (4 EC)

  1. Fundamentals of EM (Prof. A. Neto)
    • Maxwell's equations, boundary conditions (2 hours)
    • Poynting's theorem, EM field in matter (2 hours)
    • Electromagnetic permittivity and magnetic permeability, losses, dispersion (2 hours)
    • Exercise class (2 hours, dr. D. Cavallo)
  2. Transmission lines fundamentals (Prof. A. Neto)
    • Telegraph equation, impedance transfer, reflection coefficient (2 hours)
    • Waveguides, higher order modes, dispersion (2 hours)
    • Exercise class (2 hours, dr. D. Cavallo)
  3. Fundamentals of radiation (Prof. A. Yarovoy)
    • Radiated field, decoupling of EM field from charged particles, Hertz dipole (2-hours)
    • Plane and spherical waves, polarization (2 hours)
    • Reception of EM waves (2 hours)
    • Plane wave reflection and transmission at interfaces between two media (2 hours)
    • Exercise class (2 hours)
  4. Fundamentals of RF (Dr. M. Spirito)
    • Scattering parameters, Smith chart (2 hours)
    • Quality factors, matching lumped and transmission line based (2 hours)
    • planar transmission lines, dispersion (2 hours)
    • Exercises (2 hours)

PART 2: Assignment (1 EC)

Choose an assignment related to your specialization.

Study Goals

After the course the student will be able to:

  • Explain and interpret the fundamentals of E.M. Theory
  • Use magneto-static representations for power handling
  • Use radiation representations in open problems
  • Use transmission lines representations


prof.dr. Alexander Yarovoy

microwave systems, radar

prof.dr. Andrea Neto

Applied electromagnetics, THz broadband imaging systems, antennas

dr. Marco Spirito

(Sub)mm-wave electronics components and systems, (Sub)mm-wave characterization techniques and test benches, advanced RF calibration concepts for room-temperature and cryogenic applications.

dr. Daniele Cavallo

Phased Arrays, antenna modeling and design, integrated antennas

Jianning Dong

dr. Yanki Aslan

Antennas; Electromagnetics; Wireless Communications; Beamforming; Cooling

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Credits: 5 EC
Period: 6/0/0/0
Contact: Alexander Yarovoy