ET4253 Nanoelectronics

Topics: Quantum effects in microelectronic devices such as tunneling and energy quantization
Due to continuous down-scaling of microelectronic devices, critical dimensions are comparable to the electron wavelength and quantum mechanical effects have to be included in the description of the devices' functionalities. Quantum effects in microelectronic devices that play an important role are:
  1. Tunneling through insulating layers
  2. Energy quantization due to small potential wells.
The influence of quantum effects in nanoelectronic circuits can be treated as unwanted, but can also be used in a constructive manner, e.g., in case of circuit with tunnel diodes, single-electron tunneling devices, or quantum dots. In the course a circuit theory for tunneling nanoelectronic devices is developed.


J. Hoekstra

Last modified: 2014-06-12


Credits: 4 EC
Period: 3/0/0/0