POSITION-II: innovation in smart medical instruments (POSITION2)

Themes: Flexible implants

It is the ambition of POSITION project to enable innovation in Smart Catheters and Implants by the introduction of open technology platforms for: miniaturization, in-tip AD conversion, wireless communication, MEMS transducer technology and encapsulation. These platforms are open to multiple users and for multiple applications.

In POSITION a pilot line for the realization of the next generation of smart catheters and implants will be established. In this pilot line scalable open technology platforms based on essential technologies contributed by many European companies will be integrated into one manufacturing network. POSITION will enable the electronics industry to take the lead in the development of these life-saving instruments

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Project data

Researchers: Ronald Dekker, Jian Li, Nasim Bakhshaee, Anna Pak, Vasiliki Giagka
Starting date: June 2018
Closing date: June 2021
Sponsor: Electronic Components and System
Partners: Philips, TU Eindhoven, OKMETIC, Fraunhofer
Contact: Ronald Dekker