MSc thesis project proposal

[2024] Transparent Microelectrode Arrays for Neuron Recordings and Stimulation

Background: The adoption of microelectrode array (MEA) technology in electrophysiology has played a pivotal role in supporting the study of neurons.[1] At the same time, advanced optical imaging techniques address important biological questions in neuroscience, where structures such as synapses are below the resolution limit of a conventional microscope. PEDOT:PSS is a conducting polymer that combines high optical transparency and charge capacitance, and it is proven beneficial for MEA technology.[2]

Aim: This project targets to the development of transparent MEAs capable of recording action potentials from neurons and compatible with advanced microscopy. The electrodes will be made of the conducting polymer PEDOT:PSS and will be patterned by lithography, ensuring scalable fabrication with good control over device parameters. By tuning the materials thickness, and device architecture the project aims to maximize the electrode transparency and signal recording sensitivity. Upon the successful fabrication and characterization of these electrodes, electrical recordings from cells will be performed.

[1] G. Hong, C.M. Lieber, Novel electrode technologies for neural recordings, Nature Reviews Neuroscience 20, 330, 2019.

[2] S. Middiya et al., Microelectrode Arrays for Simultaneous Electrophysiology and Advanced Optical Microscopy, Advanced Science 8, 2004434, 2021.


1st part:  Literature review of transparent MEA technologies.

2nd part: Design, fabrication and characterization of transparent MEAs based on PEDOT:PSS.

3rd part: Neuron recordings and stimulation.


MSc students from Microelectronics, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Electrical Engineering are welcomed to apply. Interested students should contact Dr. Achilleas Savva (, by including their CV, the list of courses attended, and a motivation letter.


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