MSc thesis project proposal

[2023] Project 5 at Nexperia: Fully Integrated Multi Ratio Capacitive Power Converter

Project outside the university

Nexperia (Delft)

Capacitive power converters have numerous advantages over inductive power converters for power management applications. One of these advantages is that all its components can be integrated into the silicon. However, achieving a high power density (the amount of power that can be converted efficiently per square millimeter) is challenging, especially for converters that achieve multiple conversion ratios.

Design and optimization of a fully integrated capacitive power converter with a high granularity in conversion ratios, a high efficiency and a high power density.

The project focus lies in the concept design of the power converter. A thorough mathematical analysis of the behavior of the capacitive power converter should yield a clear insight into the trade-offs and enable the optimization of the design. The schematic and layout design phase gives the designer the opportunity to provide a proof of concept and mitigate second-order effects.


• Literature study on energy harvesting, power management and (fully integrated) capacitive power converters
• In-depth conceptual design study on the optimization and trade-off between conversion ratio granularity, conversion efficiency and power density in fully integrated capacitive power converters.
• Schematic design (mixed-signal IC) of a fully integrated capacitive power converter
• Verification of above mentioned schematic design for temperature, process and voltage variation
• Optionally: Layout design of the abovementioned power converter


MSc student in Electrical Engineering, the Microelectronics track. Please send me your list of courses, incl. the grades achieved, and a brief motivation email. An onsite interview will be part of the selection procedure.

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