MSc thesis project proposal

[2023] Project 2 at Nexperia: MIMO Capacitive Power Converter

Project outside the university

Nexperia (Delft)

A capacitive power converter is beneficial over inductive power converters for energy harvesting. However, capacitive power converters lack easy implementation for Multiple Inputs Multiple Outputs power management. We want to find the optimal approach for capacitive power converters to server MIMO applications.

Design and optimization of a capacitive power converter for multiple inputs and outputs in a mixed signal IC development environment. The system can consist of multiple ICs if found to be optimal.

The focus lies in (system-level) optimization for multiple input, multiple output capacitive power converters. The optimization considers the amount of inputs and outputs to be served, the efficiency of conversion for each input and output, and the required total silicon area of the power converter. Optimization can be achieved by changing the existing power converter design, creating a new power converter design or designing a control scheme for the current power converter.


  • Literature study on energy harvesting, (capacitive) power converters, and power management;
  • Conceptual study on capacitive power converter systems with multiple inputs and outputs;
  • Conceptual design (mixed-signal IC) of one/multiple capacitive power converters to serve multiple inputs and outputs;
  • Schematic design (mixed-signal IC) of the above-mentioned power converter;
  • Verification of the abovementioned schematic design for temperature, process, and voltage variation;
  • Optionally: Layout design of the abovementioned power converter.


MSc student in Electrical Engineering, the Microelectronics track. Please send me your list of courses, incl. the grades achieved, and a brief motivation email. An onsite interview will be part of the selection procedure.

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