MSc thesis project proposal

[2024] Project 1 at Nexperia: Battery Life Conscious Energy Harvesting Energy

Project outside the university

Nexperia (Delft)

Battery performance and longevity are affected by the charge/discharge current. Maximizing power output of a charger is therefore not always the best solution. However, most energy harvesting solutions maximize power output.

Find out how battery charging in the context of energy harvesting should be balanced to optimize energy extraction and battery life. Implement and verify a proof of concept method in to enact this balance in a mixed signal IC development environment.

The project focus lies on theoretical optimization and proof of concept implementation. Optimization can be executed in multiple manners: new system-level design, optimization of the existing system (in-house design), and addition to the existing system. The student is free to choose the manner of optimization. Depending on the value of the proposed proof of concept, the design can be manufactured, and in-house lab tested.


  • Literature study on energy harvesting, maximum power point tracking and battery life
  • In-depth study on the optimization of maximum energy extraction and battery longevity
  • Conceptual design (mixed-signal IC) of a system to implement the above-mentioned optimization
  • Schematic design (mixed-signal IC) verified for typical conditions
  • Optionally: Schematic design including verification for process, temperature, and voltage variation
  • Optionally: Layout design of the system


MSc student in Electrical Engineering, the Microelectronics track. Please send me your list of courses, incl. the grades achieved, and a brief motivation email. An onsite interview will be part of the selection procedure.

Contact Wouter Serdijn

Bioelectronics Group

Department of Microelectronics

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