MSc thesis project proposal

Biodegradable actuator for MECHANICAL STIMULATION of cells in Organs-on-Chip

Mechanical stimulation of cells for the growth of functional tissue is necessary, especially in the context of heart and muscle tissue. The advantage of a biodegradable substrate is that it disappears after a predefined period of time, leaving only the biological tissue for further biological use. The objective of this project is to develop biodegradable actuators for mechanical stimulation of cells in Organs-on-Chip platform.

This project will be performed in close collaboration with biologists from the Netherlands Organ-on-Chip Initiative (NOCI).


The student will perform the assignment at ECTM:

  • Duration: 9-12 months
  • Location: ECTM and EKL facilities at TU Delft

The expected activities

  • Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable material to be used in the actuators
  • Microfabrication and characterization of biodegradable wireless soft actuators for mechanical stimulation of cells in Organs-on-Chip platform
  • Development of a setup to control the actuators
  • In vitro study with cells as a proof a concept study


You are an ambitious student looking for a challenging thesis project on new materials and microfabrication of actuators for medical applications. You have a biomedical engineering, material science, mechanical or microelectronics background. Good communication skills in English and a pro-active attitude are expected.


dr. Clementine Boutry

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2023-12-05