MSc thesis project proposal

Magneto-mechanical micro-antenna for implantable devices

Implantable/wearable devices promise to revolutionize health care by permitting early diagnosis of diseases. To be safely implanted inside the human body, biosensors must be miniaturized down to sub-millimeter dimensions and rely on wireless power and communication. These characteristics make powering these sensors extremely challenging. Strategies for power transmission using electromagnetic and ultrasound waves would need to operate at very high frequencies, drastically reducing the penetration of the waves inside living tissue and, thus, the powering efficiency. Living tissues are, however, transparent to magnetic fields. Mechanical antennas integrating magnetic materials are a promising alternative for efficient power transmission to small devices. This project consists in developing a novel magnetically-driven mechanical micro-antenna to be used on sub-millimeter devices.

This project is a collaboration between Dr. Tomás Manzaneque (EI) and Dr. Filipe Cardoso (EI).



Duration: 12 months

Location: ME Laboratories and EKL/Kavli facilities at TU Delft

You will:

  • Review the literature in this field.
  • Model different designs using multi-physics FEM simulation.
  • Implement the optimum design in the EKL/Kavli cleanroom and ME facilities.
  • Characterize electrically the device.


  • You are an ambitious student looking to tackle a major challenge in implantable devices.
  • You are eager to develop micro-transducers for medical applications.
  • You have a proactive attitude.
  • You have good communication skills in English.


dr. Tomás Manzaneque

Electronic Instrumentation Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2024-02-05