MSc thesis project proposal

Modelling for fontain circulation in congential heart disease

There are quite a number of Msc projects that we can offer: most of them focus on modelling of the complex flows in 3D reconstructions (Figure central panel) of the Fontan circulation aiming a) to assess the hemodynamic patterns in this circulation, b) to study shear stress related thrombus potential c) to derive the power loss in this geometry. One project relates to the distribution of blood from the liver towards the lungs, since that is important for optimal functioning and development of the lungs. Therefore, we study the interplay between the local geometry and the distribution of venous liver blood to the lungs (Figure right panel). Furthermore, we will study models that describe thrombus formation in this Fontan circulation to further unravel the risk in these children. Some patients suffer so much from the inefficient Fontan geometry that they need a reoperation. We are also developing a virtual surgery platform to optimize the surgery strategy for improvement of quality of life. This project is in collaboration with Dr. ir. J. Wentzel from Erasmus medical centre.


Studying the fontan circulation Modelling the complex flow Assessing the blood distribution to lead toward an optimal approach


Good understanding of modelling techniques


prof.dr. Paddy French

Bioelectronics Group

Department of Microelectronics

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