MSc thesis project proposal

[2018] Design of a low power ambulatory stimulation module

Project outside the university

Twente Medical Systems (TMSi)
In electrophysiology, there is a growing need for body-worn electrical stimulators in a wide number of applications. They all share the need for low power consumption, small size and ease of use, among others. In addition, for most applications, medical certification is required. By combining the knowledge of the TU Delft, Section Bioelectronics in this area with that of Twente Medical Systems (TMSi), we expect to be able to realize an entirely new design to meet these requirements.


The project will comprise all phases of:
1. Introduction to the various applications
2. Requirement specification
3. Actual design of hardware (in discrete components) and supporting software
4. Verification and validation of the module.

Both TMSi and the TU Delft will actively support the candidate during all these phases.

Twente Medical Systems International BV (TMSi) is specialized in developing high-precision multi-channel amplifiers, data acquisition and stimulators, first and foremost for (electro-) physiological applications. The company uses unique amplifier technology, especially suited for use in "hostile" measurement environments, such as very noisy surroundings, in demanding ambulatory applications with potential movement artifacts or in cases with very poor electrode impedances. The products are sold all over the world.


We are looking for a student with solid analog and mixed signal design experience and affinity with medical applications. What we offer is a 9 month project with a unique experience in designing a medical device with the help of experts from both university and industry.

Contact persons:
TU Delft: Wouter A. Serdijn, Head Section Biolectronics, Department of Microelectronics
TMSi: Ir. Jan Peuscher, Senior Consultant and co-founder of the company

Contact Wouter Serdijn

Bioelectronics Group

Department of Microelectronics

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