MSc thesis project proposal

Wafer-scale graphene transfer

For graphene, a single atom thick layer of graphite, to be of relevance for industrial applications in sensors and MEMS the graphene should be fabricated on the same scale as electronics are made: wafers. While wafer-scale growth is currently achieved in this project. Wafer-scale transfer of a single-atom thin layer of material is extremely challenging. The proportions of handling a graphene sheet on a wafers is similar to handling a single sheet of A4 with a diameter of several km! In this project you will focus on the delicate transfer procedure and study different dry and wet routes towards wafer-scale layer transfer in a way compatible with semiconductor fabrication. After this the technique will be demonstrated by fabricating full wafer arrays of test structures.


The student will perform the fabrication in the EKL cleanrooms and will get training to use the equipment. The project will consist of the following tasks:
  • Stuyding different routes towards wafer-scale transfer
  • Fabrication of test structures using transfer technique of choice


Background in micro-electronics or microfabrication.

Contact Sten Vollebregt

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2016-02-25