MSc thesis project proposal

[2018] Single-inductor RF energy harvester and power-efficient UHF neurostimulator IC

In the Bioelectronics group, we work on the next generation of medicine, electroceuticals. These tiny implantable or injectable active medical devices interact with the electrophysiology of the human body to create healthier setpoints and treat disorders.

Recently we have set world records in power-efficient multi-channel neurostimulation and RF energy harvesting.

For this innovative and challenging (in-group) project, we are looking for a good MSc student in microelectronics, with specialization IC design, who wishes to contribute to this exciting field.


The exact timeline of the project will be determined in close collaboration with the student but will comprise the following phases:

- system design aspects; new topology generation;

- circuit design, reusing some of the blocks that are already available and designing new ones;

- circuit simulations in Cadence;

- layout generation;

- tape-out (AMS 0.18um HV CMOS);

- PCB design;

- measurements;

- reporting (in a thesis and a scientific paper).


BSc EE, studying MSc EE, with specialization in Microelectronics and having successfully completed relevant courses in analog IC design, among which Analog Integrated Circuit Design (ET4252). Having completed EE4555 is a pre.

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Bioelectronics Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2018-02-19