MSc thesis examples

2018Ali KaichouhiIQ Offset and Gain Mismatch Compensation for Phase-Domain ADC
Minghui LiuPassive Wireless ECoG Monitoring On Multiple Subjects
2017Lichao WuDesign of a Pipeline Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) Suitable for Transducer Array Channel Multiplexing
Ernesto Gonzales HuamanA Low-Complexitry CMOS Receiver for UWB Signals
Hongming YuStructured Design of an External NMOS based Linear Voltage Regulator for Automotive Applications
2016Yang Jiang8uW to 1mW Input Power Management IC Design for RF Energy Harvester
Yao LiA 0.6V Low Noise Current Generator for Bio-Impedance Measurements in 40nm CMOS
Qiuyang LinA 0.6V, 1 uW, Low-Power Low-Noise Instrumentation Amplifier for ECG/BioZ measurement in 40nm CMOS
Samprajani RoutStructured Electronic Design of High-Pass ∆Σ Converters and their application to cardiac signal acquisition
Ide SwagerPassive Wireless ECoG Monitoring on Multiple Subjects
Joost KerpelsIn vivo multicell inferior olivary recordings: alternative design methods for creating cheap and flexible electrode structures
Matthijs WeskinA compact multi-electrode system to measure in vivo electrical activity in the olivocerebellar system -- measuring sub-threshold oscillations and action potentials spatially and over time
2015Sander FondseSWEAT: Sleeping Wireless Energy Transfer And Trickle Charger
2014Jialue WangDesign of a Boost DC-DC Converter for Energy Harvesting Applications in 40nm CMOS Process
Menno VastenholtA Sub-GHz UWB Correlation Receiver for Wireless Biomedical Communication
2013Luis Carlos GutierrezAnalysis and Design of MHz-range Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Implantable Devices
Eric MuijsA CMOS Temperature Compensated Log-Amp Detector
2010Mark StoopmanA Sub-GHz UWB Pulse Generator for Wireless Biomedical Communication
Cees-Jeroen BesA front-end for sensing the stimulation and response of auditory nerve cells
Senad HiseniUltra Low-Power Analog Integrated Circuits for Extracellular Action Potential Detection
2009Marijn Van DongenA versatile output stage for implantable neural stimulators
Y. ShamsaLC Ladder Based Orthonormal Filter for Impulse-Radio UWB Pulse Generation.
S. Al-AhdabAn Ultra Low Power Fully Integrated Sensor Interface IC for Pacemakers
M.A. GrashuisA fully differential switched capacitor wavelet filter
S. WangA 10-bit 25Msps Pipeline ADC for Companding Baseband Processing in Wireless Application
2015Athanasios KarapatisNext-generation neuromodulator for epilepsy prevention
Lucia TacchettiUltrasonic Power Transfer for Ultra-High-Frequency Biphasic Electrical Neural Stimulation
Miguel Veloso O’DonellNoise Correlations and Template Matching on Neural Recordings
2017Maria Silos ViuSOMNUS: An Ultra-Wideband Radar-Based Approach for Neonatal Sleep State Classification
Abdi Insani BangsaSystem Building Blocks for Mathematical operators using Stochastic Resonance: application in an action potential detection system
Guðrún Erla ÓlafsdóttirAn Implantable Spinal Cord Stimulator with Adaptive Voltage Compliance for Freely Moving Rats
Jinne GeelenTerahertz Torching -- towards closed-loop neurostimulation of group-housed freely moving rodents
2016Farnaz Nassiri NiaWireless Power Transfer and Optogenetic Stimulation of Freely Moving Rodents
Maciej KostalkowskiaEEG Analog Front-End IC for Neonatal Brain Development Monitoring
2015Arundhati RadhakrishnanApplication of ultrasound to remove thrombi from the LVAD
2013Horacio JimenezThe Spike app: A programable neuron to stimulate brain slices in electrophysiology
2015Alessandro UrsoAn Ultra-High Frequency Neurostimulator Circuit with High Power Efficiency